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Refereeing a Family Affair for the McCredie’s

July 27 marked a very special occasion for the McCredie family. Father Tim, a VRL referee officiated a junior game, with his two teenage sons Jake and Lachie, performing touch judge duties on the sideline. This was the first time all three had officiated a game together.

Mum Penny was watching from the sideline and was “very proud” of her family.

“It was fantastic,” she said.

Tim who was driving his eldest son Jake to football every week, took up refereeing four years ago as a way of supporting the sport he loved.

Jake then followed suit, picking up the whistle a year later as a 13-year-old.

“Jake was quite small and saw it as a way to stay involved in the game,” Mrs McCredie said.

“He started off reffing (younger brother) Lachie.”

Lachie on the other hand has only taken up refereeing this year and is enjoying it too according to mum.

When asked if her boys had any higher aspirations with their officiating, Mrs McCredie said Jake was starting to see where it could potentially take him.

“Jake has seen the opportunities and is hoping to travel interstate with it,” she said.

“He’s improved his fitness and is really starting to feel a part of something.”

“The older guys he does it with are great mentors.”

The match is likely to be the first of many games the McCredie’s officiate together and you can be sure mum will be there to see a lot of them.

“It’s great to see them all be a part of something that’s gluing the family together,” Mrs McCredie said.

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