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NRL Victoria COVID Update

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

There has been some minor changes to the Restricted Activity Directions by state government, which has a positive impact on community sport with spectators returning – details below.


Please remain diligent around all conditions and avoid complacency to ensure no further outbreaks.


If clubs could please communicate to their members the mandatory wearing of masks at all times this would be appreciated – naturally on field personnel and players do not require whilst in Playing Area.

QR Codes & Signage

Please ensure sufficient QR codes and COVID related signage located at specific venues. This may be a challenge for some larger venues with multiple fields. We recommend clubs review their signage levels and use best endeavours to ensure that, within reason, any arrivals to your facility entering from any direction have reasonable opportunity to access a QR code.


The minor changes affecting community sport are:

  • Spectators permitted

  • Venue capacity of 300

  • Indoor space capped at 100 per space subject to density quotient, or 25 where food/drinks are served

Conditions are summarised as follows for NRL Victoria clubs:

Note that all clubs first and foremost must comply with facility owner’s requirements, including provisions of COVID Safe Plan.

  • Electronic record keeping using the Victorian Government approved QR Code system is mandatory at all facilities.

  • Outdoor density quotient of 1 person per 4 square meters

  • Maximum capacity of 300 people at the venue at any one time – participants and people required to operate participation safely (coaches, sports trainers, referees, ground managers, etc.) not included in this limit

  • Group limits are exempt for community sport but all other conditions must be adhered to.

  • Spectators ARE permitted but within venue capacity and subject to density quotient

  • Training (outdoor)

  • no group size limit BUT group must be from same team/squad

  • multiple groups permitted train at same venue so long as significant spacing between training areas define each group (recommend minimum 10 meters between edge of each groups training area clearly marked with cones/ropes, etc.)

  • Pavilions/clubrooms:

o Face masks MUST be worn indoors at all times

o Maximum capacity of 100 in entire pavilion at one time (counted within total capacity of venue of 300)

o Density quotient of 1 person per 4 square meters in any indoor space.

o Canteen/kiosk permitted to operate in line with hospitality advice. Clubs will need to adhere to hospitality guidelines for reopening of canteens. The hospitality guidelines can be found by clicking here

  • Use/carrying of face masks as per government requirements

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