Change to the Personal & Accident Insurance Fee Collection Process

Previously, NRL Victoria would bill clubs directly to cover all Personal & Accident Insurance Fees. Now, owing to a new national policy, that process has changed.

From now and moving forwards, you will need to pay a Personal & Accident Insurance Fee upon registration. This will ensure that you are covered for all training and matches and give you the peace of mind that you and/or your loved ones are covered.

This payment is required, and you won’t be covered or have your registration approved without making payment.

The Personal & Accident Insurance Fee amounts for Victoria in 2021 are;

So, when you go to register for season 2021, you will need to pay the relevant amount above, based on you or your children’s age. Once you make this payment, you are covered for the full season.

Your club is likely to still charge a Club Registration Fee, which could be separate to this payment; the amounts above only will come directly to NRL Victoria and is the minimum requirement you will need to pay upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 18th December, 2020)

What if I want to go to another club or move interstate once I’ve registered and paid my Personal & Accident Insurance Fee? Do I need to make this payment again?

No, you don’t. It is attached to your profile so the insurance will travel with you.

What if I paid, trained but didn’t play. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you qualify for a refund of 80% of the total Personal & Accident Insurance Fee paid if you have not made any claims.

What if I paid, trained and played. Can I get a refund?

No, once you have played you do not qualify for a refund.

Who do I contact if I believe I qualify for a refund?

Please contact your club who will in turn communicate with us to confirm you qualify for a refund for your Personal & Accident Insurance Fee. We will then provide you with a refund of 80% of the Personal & Accident Insurance Fee paid.

Please note refund only applies for Personal & Accident Insurance Fee amount; if you have paid extra as part of your Club Registration Fee, or for uniform or merchandise, you will need to liaise directly with your club.