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From Battlefields to Footy Fields: The Blake Ridge Story

Today, we highlight a current Victorian referee Blake Ridge, who joined the Royal Australian Navy back in 2014.  

Ridge shares his experiences on how being a referee helped him transition into the Navy. The sailor emphasised that developing the skills necessary to build confidence, fitness and teamwork through refereeing were reflective in his career. 

Ridge first picked up the whistle in 2009, a few years prior to joining the Royal Australian Navy, and is proud that he has been able to serve his country and contribute to the great game of Rugby League. 

“With the national referee accreditation, it’s great! I can pick up my whistle and have a run anywhere and my job will take me anywhere in Australia or overseas.” Ridge has been able to experience the best of both worlds during his career. 

“There was this one time I was on a ship, we pulled into Perth, and I actually refereed a game in Perth.”  

The flexibility of being able to referee across the country while being on duty had been a wholesome experience for Ridge.  

Now serving as the Vice President of the Victorian Rugby League Referee Association and as a member of the NRL Victoria Advisory Panel, Ridge continues to contribute to the sport and his community. His dedication to both his Navy service and rugby league demonstrates a true sense of duty and commitment. 

“ANZAC Day is a day to remember those who have or are serving and a day to reflect on what we are lucky to have today.” Ridge also paid tribute to his late grandfather being a World War II Army Veteran.  

ANZAC Day is a day that not only brings service men and women together but a day that brings us all together to reflect on our past and those who have helped to shape it. 

We thank Blake Ridge for his 10 years of service to the Royal Australian Navy and 15 years of service on the footy fields. 

Lest we forget, the fallen soldiers who paved the way for us today. 

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