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Volunteers of the Month - JUNE

As the cold crept in around Melbourne, it did very little to slow down what was an action packed month of rugby league around the grounds.

The month of June saw hundreds of dedicated volunteers put their hand up to assist on training nights, gamedays or club fundraisers, with every contribution whether big or small, helping make a difference at the local clubs.

We recieved another large sum of fantastic submissions for Volunteer of the Month and while we can't recognise every volunteer that was put forward, everyone's efforts do not go unnoticed!

Congratulations to the lucky few that earnt June's Volunteer of the Month honours!

Adrian Limbrick - Altona Roosters

Adrian is the sole medical trainer for the Altona Roosters Girls teams and has served both the club and the wider community over the last couple of years. He also educates our athletes and parents on injury prevention, injury maintenance and recovery. He displays acts of kindness and service by volunteering his time not only at club games but also at the girls trials, development programs and other competitions they are involved in incase of any injuries. If someone is injured he is there! If someone has been injured, he will always follow up! Described as our 'Mr Fix It', the girls have given him the name of Uncle Adrian which shows how much of an impact he has had on our rugby league community.

He has demonstrated unparalleled commitment and dedication to the safety and well-being of our young athletes and is a well deserving volunteer!

Shawn Dromi - Wangaratta Knights

Shawn has taken on the role as club sports trainer this season and like everything he does he is giving it 110%. His dedication to game days is second to none and he follows up injuries constantly with players during there recovery. He isn’t afraid to have the tough conversations with players and has all his players best interests at heart. On top of this he organises our fundraisers, helps in the canteen and bar, car pools players to games and is always around to give a helping hand or support when needed.

Simon Lindberg

Simon has been a long-standing volunteer at the Eastern Raptors as a level 2 sports trainer long since his own boy stopped playing in a Raptors jersey. He is always willing to share his extensive knowledge with new trainers and never hesitates to help where is he needed. Game day you will find him at the home grounds early setting up before his day as a trainer begins. After a recent serious incident on field, Simon took control of the situation and once again displayed the professionalism and care he has towards his role.

Laila Husen

Laila has worn many hats across the club, playing a big role in helping to increase our women’s team numbers and has outsourced and set up club merchandise as well as promoting Women in League. Whether it be assisting with admin, the canteen, first aid & strapping, grounds management or set up and pack down on gamedays, she does it all! She also assists with the cleaning and doing laundry for the club while also assisting with player registrations at the club.

Monuina Leatau

Monuina/Ina goes above and beyond for our club. She has volunteered as a canteen helper, grounds manager and team manager and also assists the coach during training, even joining in to encourage/joke with the kids and they love her. She's friendly, helpful and committed to helping out. She also helps welcome new families to the club and is an exceptional support for club. She just always puts others first before herself.

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