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NRL VIC will hold its first RESPECT Round from the 14th - 16th of June to promote a safe and enjoyable rugby league environment for all.  

With 5,427 registered participants so far, the growth of rugby league in Victoria is reaching new heights, highlighting the importance of fair play, sportsmanship, and respect. 

NRL VIC encourage all clubs, match officials, volunteers, and spectators to take part in showing respect through the following,  

  • Teams shake hands with each other and referees before play begins. 

  • Referees being invited to join in on post-game circles. 

  • Coaches, managers and trainers displaying positive behaviour on the sideline.

  • Spectators display positive encouragement and support at all times encouraging everyone.

Creating a safe and welcoming environment for all cannot be done alone. We all have a part to play, whether it is to spread positivity around the grounds or eliminate the use of foul language.

The little things will make a significant difference in clubland and the future of rugby league.

As this weekend's Respect Round will be the first of many here in Victoria, this is a great opportunity to remind players, teams, match officials, volunteers, and spectators of the importance of respect on and off the field. 

We all have a part to play!  

The NRL Code of Conduct provides a framework on what is expected to ensure everyone has a positive experience in our community. To find out more, please visit

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