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NRL Victoria Thunderbolts Statement

The NRL Victoria Thunderbolts program for 2021 is yet to be confirmed.

This program has operated with financial support from the NRL and cannot occur without this funding. NRL and NRL Victoria has been conducting a review on the financial model for the Thunderbolts program and its ongoing sustainability in light of the financial impacts from COVID to the rugby league business nationally and locally.

The review has been completed and announcements on support for the program was due to be announced after 31 October. However, additional considerations have been sought to be able to finalise a decision on the program for 2021 and beyond, which has delayed this announcement.

We appreciate that any further delays may provide some inconvenience and should you have any queries or concerns about this please contact Tim Auremi or Brent Silva.

A final outcome will be advised as soon as possible.

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Rodney McDonell
Rodney McDonell
03 nov. 2020

Why not try some fund raising using an online platform. Could also team up with the Storm for a special membership that funnels funds to VRL.

I’d pay a few more $ for my current Storm membership if that money when to grassroots dev.

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