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MAY Volunteers of the Month!

The month of May saw exciting footy action as well as tireless efforts and unwavering commitment from our volunteers, advancing the growth and success of rugby league within the community.

Volunteer dedication and contributions, whether through leadership, behind the scenes, or through media, are important to ensure clubs operate consistently.

Although we can only spotlight a select few, we are deeply grateful for the efforts, hard work, and commitment of all our volunteers.

Congratulations to the following for their nominations as Volunteers of the Month of May. Have a read about each volunteer and how they have contributed to their local clubs.

Kathleen Matulino - A valued member of the Mernda Dragons, wearing multiple hats with grace and dedication. As the Under 7’s Team Manager and club treasurer, Kathleen brings a wealth of knowledge and a positive attitude to every challenge she faces. She also serves as the sports trainer for the Under 11’s team and is a crucial part of the leadership team. Her approachable nature is what makes her a beloved member of the Dragons family.

Leonie Williams - A steadfast volunteer and the heart of The Wolfpack since the beginning. Known dearly as the “club mum”, Leonie continuously goes above and beyond to ensure the club operates at ease. Her behind the scenes efforts have been instrumental in securing a new home ground for the 2024 season. Leonies dedication and hard work are deeply appreciated by all at The Wolfpack Rugby League Club.

Naz Gallagher - Transitioning from a senior player to an active volunteer, he has earned numerous certifications, helping him to support the club in various capacities. Naz is a senior player, role model, and sports trainer who is always eager to get involved. His dedication and on-going support ensure that game days and training sessions run smoothly at the club.

Rebecca Te Wano - Also known as ‘Mama/Manager Bechz’, is the driving force behind the Casey Warriors’ Under 13s Red Boys. Her dedication extends beyond the playing season, as she supports the team and their families year-round. From ensuring players are well cared for to keeping everyone informed, Rebeccas efforts create a smooth experience for coaches and trainers. Her commitment to team bonding and community events has made her a valued volunteer at the Casey Warriors.

Tiki Henry - Media coordinator for the Sunshine Cowboys, has elevated the club's media presence to new heights. As a parent of a junior Cowboys player, his detailed media skills have significantly boosted player participation and community engagement. His contributions extend beyond the media, as he is always ready to assist whenever needed. Tikis work highlights the dedication and efforts of the Cowboys and the wider rugby league community, making him a valued member of the club.

Do you have a volunteer at your club that you believe deserves a little bit of special recognition? Then ensure you submit a nomination when Volunteer of the Month nominations open for the month of JUNE.

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