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MAY Volunteers of the Month

With the 2023 rugby league season well and truly in full swing, May saw another action packed month of footy played around the grounds, with record registration numbers hit meaning there was officially more participants than ever before.

This of course meant volunteers were in high demand to ensure each and every club continued to run smoothly, with NRL Victoria recieving an overwhelming number of Volunteer of the Month nominations for the month of May.

While we are only able to recognise a small portion of volunteers that do some much great work across the state, it doesn't mean we don't acknowledge the work of each and every volunteer that helps make rugby league the greatest game of the all!

Congratulations to the following for their nominations as Volunteers of the Month of May and please read a little blurb on what makes each volunteer so special!

Joanie Niwha - Altona Roosters

Joanie goes above and beyond for her club the Altona Roosters. Despite having a large family of her own she still gives endless hours to making sure the club is running effectively and efficiently. Joanie went above and beyond for the Roosters 35th Year Anniversary celebration, prepping and cooking and serving over 700 free meals. It is extraordinary to watch her give so much with ease. We want to Thank and acknowledge the great work of this amazing women!

Heather Deery - South Eastern Titans

Heather is absolutely deserving as not only does she put in the hard yards during training and games but she's also working hard after hours to make sure the Titans runs smoothly and is up to date with everything. If we ever need anything, Heather is our go too! She knows how to make all our new parents and families feel welcome and always goes above and beyond to help anyone at the club. She's been with our club 6 years and has volunteered in many roles. When she's not working on club finances, admin or registrations, she's in the canteen volunteering or out on the field taking socials content and cheering on all our teams. She's the most active volunteer we have and has never backed down from any of the challenges she faces. All in all our club wouldn't be where it is today without Heather.

Sharon McBean - Waverley Oakleigh Panthers

Sharon is the current Secretary of the club, organises off field merchandise, is the Team Manager of the Under 7's and sports trainer to the both senior teams at the club. She also manages to squeeze in a bar shift in at the home games and is genuinely a jack of all trades. She is all about positivity and inclusivity and an advocate for any children that feel they can't compete in a sport. She demonstrates exceptional support to the club and positively promotes rugby league across her community. Her passion is second to none for seeing the club being the best version of itself and she will not stand for any type of abuse to towards any players, coaches or officials. She looks for fairness in every situation and can manage to keep a level head when situations get out of hand. Sharon only joined the club last year and wanted to make a change and despite being a Mum of three kids herself, she devotes quite a lot of time to the club and manages to get it all done.

Te Okiwa Kurapa - Mernda Dragons

Oki is always the first one down at our grounds to set up and one of the last to leave. When he attends other grounds he always rolls up his sleeves and is always willing to help out where and when necessary. He always has a smile on his face and is always welcoming to all whoever comes to our clubs. He always has a can-do attitude and nothing is ever too hard or can't be done. During the week he will go and repaint our fields, take out our bins, come early on trainings and home games to set up but never complains and is always smiling. Oki currently coaches a team that he does not have any children in and as a result misses watching his own sons games. His generosity and endless support deserves much-earned recognition.

Sten Sakkas

Sten has been involved with the Goulburn Murray Premiership for a long time and has earned the respect of many throughout the association. I feel the competition would not be where it is today without his dedication and support. Sten has helped numerous clubs out over the years and got them back on their feet and growing as well as helping new clubs grow. He has had many roles throughout his time volunteering, he has been a sports trainer, a coach, club president, mentor and sponsor through his business. You will always find him busy on game day and he never complains he just gets the job done. He never asks for anything in return and I know he is such an awesome/amazing person who would be proud and humbled by an acknowledgment like this.

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