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JUNE Volunteers of the Month!


NRL Victoria, are privileged to have a remarkable group of individuals who go above and beyond to support our teams and create a thriving environment for players.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of our community, dedicating their time and energy to make a difference to the game we all love.


This month we are proud to celebrate five outstanding volunteers whose commitment and passion have a mark on their clubs and wider league community this month.


Join us as we highlight the amazing contributions of Andrew Boyle, Carl Bardsley, Holly Le’au, Rob Macbeth, and Rua-nui Te Whaiti.


Andrew Boyle - Altona Roosters

Andrew Boyle’s impact on the Altona Roosters is nothing short of transformative. Under his guidance, his team has not only grown in numbers but also in spirit and skill. Andrew’s holistic approach to coaching emphasises both individual development and team cohesion, ensuring that every player feels valued and supported. His unwavering dedication to the sport and his team has fostered a sense of belonging and companionship among players, earning him the deep respect of both the team and families.


Carl Bardsley - Eastern Raptors

Carl Bardsley is an example of versatility and dedication. From coaching to running water, Carl does it all for the Eastern Raptors. Despite having no personal connection to the junior club when he joined, his willingness to help wherever needed has made him an invaluable asset. This year, Carl is coaching the U6 and U7 teams while also assisting with the U13s, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the club. Carl is one of a kind!  

Holly Le’au - Werribee Bears 

Holly Le’au is the creative force behind Bears TV, producing videos, edits, photos, and content that have captivated the wider league community. Balancing her roles as a full-time worker, mother of six, and dedicated wife, Holly’s ability to keep the league relevant and engaging is nothing short of remarkable. Her tireless efforts and boundless creativity does not go unnoticed at the Werribee Bears, earning her the affectionate nickname of the club’s very own ‘Steven Spielberg’.


Rob Macbeth – Melton Broncos

Rob Macbeth's dedication to the rugby league community is truly remarkable. He exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship and selflessness by tirelessly supporting both his own team, the Melton Broncos, and even players from opposing teams. His commitment to helping others, whether it's selling club merchandise or attending to player injuries on the field, underscores his invaluable role as a sports trainer. His heart for the rugby league community shows through his acts of service as a sports trainer! “He doesn’t see that you play for another club, he sees a player injured and helps regardless. Cheers to you Rob and thank you!”


Rua-nui Te Whaiti - Sunbury Tigers

Rua-nui Te Whaiti’s coaching expertise has been a beacon for the Sunbury Tigers’ U10 Orange and Black Teams. His engaging training sessions and welcoming personality have attracted numerous new members, fostering an environment where players feel comfortable and valued. Rua-nui’s patience and dedication to each child’s individual development have instilled respect for teammates, opposition, and referees. Despite the challenges of coaching two teams, he manages to keep the kids smiling, eager and continuously improving, making him an exemplary volunteer coach.

Do you have a volunteer at your club that you believe deserves a little bit of special recognition? Then ensure you submit a nomination when Volunteer of the Month nominations open for the month of JULY.

Written by Emily Mattocks

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