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Play Masters with the Victoria Stormers

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The Victoria Stormers in partnership with NRL Victoria, Melbourne Storm and the amazing Masters communities around Victoria have the honour of coordinating and delivering a state wide calendar of Masters events and activities. 


The Stormers are a passionate and talented committee dedicated to providing opportunities for families and communities to move together through the great game of Rugby League. 


Masters Rugby League is for males over 35 and females over 30 and is a social, non competitive format of the game designed to keep people active and families connected.

The Stormers have developed a unique brand with our events designed with the whole family unit in mind. 


We deliver three metro Melbourne events throughout the year and for the last two years have delivered a three day Masters Carnival in Wodonga in October.


You don't have to be registered with NRL Victoria to play Masters, its a way for everyone to be involved in the great game. We've had over 2500 people play across our events over the last two years and have quickly become the fastest growing cohort of the Rugby League community in Victoria and there ain't no stopping us now!!


For more information, to get involved or just to check in and say hi, drop us a line or check us at out:



Mobile: 0428 504 240



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